2 new shorts

November 30, 2008

Got my but in gear and finished 2 new film projects. Hooray!

First thing out the door is a new microshort called The Stakeout. Stars the usual suspects Tim H. and Neil:

The other is a video staring Tim Racine and myself. It’s a segment from a fake cable access show called ‘Ed Rebel’s Rebel Radio Video Countdown’. Take a look at what happens when we cut to a Smoking Popes video:

We were lucky to have CanTV producer/expert Steve Niketopoulos perform all live edits and wipes which made this video extra excellent.

Hope you enjoy ’em. Stay turned, got lots more on the way!



Winners again!

May 22, 2008

(From 12/20/07)

We Won VIDIOCY again with a short film called Scatterbrained. The fest was a lot of fun and the competition was fiercer than Gatorade Fierce. Click to see SCATTERBRAINED