Futurecop 2010 on Image Union & Credits

January 9, 2009

Futurecop 2010 is set to appear on WTTW’s Image Union this Friday (1/9) at 10:30 pm. Big thanks to Matt Kubinski and Ed Griffin for making this happen.

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Here is the proper list of credits for this fine short film:
Produced by Joe DeJulius, Matt Kelley, Patrick Fee, Scott Lynch, Joe Avella
Directed by Joe DeJulius
Director of Photography: Scott Lynch

Written by Matt Kelley & Joe Avella
Edited by Matt Kelley & Patrick Fee
Special Effects by Scott Lynch

Starring: Matt Kelley, Joe Avella, Laura Coover, Kate Lambert, Patrick Fee, Joe DeJulius, Ismael Moustapha, Neil Arsenty