Wheelchair Werewolf at Chicago Horror fest!

Great news!

Wheelchair Werewolf has been accepted into this year’s Chicago Horror fest. The fest is Sept. 26-28 at the Portage Theater 4050 N. Milwaukee Ave.

I love being in specialized festivals. My shorts have played at more than a handful of fests, and I can honestly say festivals that cater to a subculture or movie style are so much fun. I love them! It’s great to be in comedy fests, but they can’t hold a candle to sci-fi and horror festivals. No way.

Specialized festivals are great for 3 reasons:
1) No industry interest, therefore no douche bags
2) Everyone there wants to be there
3) People come to celebrate something they truly love, judgment free

The only issue I can see with this fest is the fact that it’s over three days. Very few people have enough free time to come multiple times. It also starts on Friday at 6pm. And we’re up first. Yikes! Oh well, it’s still an honor and I look forward to sharing the screen with such great films like:

How My Dad Killed Dracula
Spine Tingler
Bonnie and Clyde vs. Dracula (Drac’s getting some serious face time this year)
Cheerbleeders (amazing title! Can’t miss it)
Pumpkin Hell

More info when I get it!



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